Matthew Chase-Daniel



photographs by Matthew Chase-Daniel

In Chase-Daniel's 2011 series of black and white flatplate scanner photographs of the human body, we are engaged with a rare blend of intimacy and anonymity. As we move through this series, we are by turns seduced and repulsed, the anomalous becomes beautiful, the individual becomes universal. By the end, our sense of boundaries are blurred, between male and female, the beautiful and the ugly, the sacred and profane, youth and old age, self and other.

Publication Date: Nov 29 2011      ISBN/EAN13:  0615574610 / 9780615574615

182 pages    US Trade Paper     8.5" x 11"     Black and White with Bleed

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from Axle Contemporary Press

Axle Contemporary, a mobile gallery created by Matthew and Jerry Wellman in 2010

Alcove 12.7 at the New Mexico Museum of Art   2012-2013

RIVER, a new work using, video, water, and stones.

Chalkboard Car


Last year, while driving into town, a dollar bill blew past my windshield.  Then I noticed a little clump of bills blowing across the road.  Then I noticed cars around me braking and swerving.  It wasn't much money at all, but it inspired a strong visceral reaction in all of us there.  I got to thinking as I drove away about money, about cash.  It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, the sight of cash blowing down the road gets attention and provokes reactions and thoughts and reflection.  I want to gather as much money as possible, cash it in as one-dollar bills, and distribute it all over town, so people are surprised when they find it. It will be dropped on sidewalks, in vacant lots, tucked under windshield wipers, left on park benches, and more. I want to raise money through Kickstarter, as crowd-funding is the ideal way to raise the money for the crowd-giveaway.  The money come from a broad community and is distributed to another broad community.  My role in the project is only as the facilitator.  I won't keep any of the money for myself, but only act as the gatherer and distributor.  If I raise enough money, I'll have an exhibition in the Axle Contemporary Mobile Gallery with all of the money piled inside for all to see before it is distributed.  Thanks for your contribution.                                                      

           -Matthew Chase-Daniel

Contribute to help make this project happen.  on Paypal at, on Kickstarter here, or send a check to Matthew Chase-Daniel c/o Axle Contemporary, P.O. Box 22095, Santa Fe, NM, 87502

This project is part of Axle Contemporary's Economologies series, beginning in August, 2014, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The series explores art and action related to the ecology of economies, art related to money, innovative and creative approaches to economics, and interrelations between the fields of economics and ecology.  The series includes an exhibition of visual art, roundtable discussions, performances, and installations.

Make-Your-Own I.U.D. Kit.

Available at Hobby Lobby or send $25 to Matthew Chase-Daniel P.O. Box 8401 Santa Fe, NM, 87504.  Include name and address.   Or pay with Paypal here.   USA only.  More photos here.