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Yerf Dog Scripto

(Godfrey Reggio)

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Once Within a Time


A glimpse into the mind of Yerf Dog Scripto (Godfrey Reggio)


The four images presented The Lena Wall are windows into the creative process of Yerf Dog Scripto (filmmaker Godfrey Reggio). Waking and working at 5am, Yerf Dog moves between description and organization to free-association and creative juxtapositions of thought. Later, these whiteboards become the basis for interpretation and direction for a large group of collaborators who translate or take inspiration from the concepts and imagery referenced.  Yerf Dog Scripto has been using whiteboards to organize his creative process as a basis for his films for the past forty years. The boards here are from the making of his most recent film, Once Within a Time.


Reggio describes the film

The language, the signs, the symbols of our day, no longer describe the world that we inhabit. It is an effort to be at once linear and non-linear at exactly the same time, clear and ambiguous exactly at the same time, in the language that every creature on the planet, human animals, and other animals all understand.


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