The Lena Wall  project displays wheatpaste artwork on the side of a large building on the corner of Lena Street and Second Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Displays change occasionally. The project is made possible through the generosity of Cloud Cliff. The Lena Wall is curated by Matthew Chase-Daniel. Contact:

coming soon-- Amelia Bauer, images from The Wintering

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Lamp-Lit (excerpt), 2021

poem by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, City of Santa Fe Poet Laureate

Covid Safe Posters from the City of Santa Fe, 2020

Artwork by: Kevin Allende, Iliana M. Briceño, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Ed Epping, John Paul Granillo, Taslim van Hattum, Terran Last Gun, Israel Francisco Haros Lopez, Jonathan Meade, Jessica Ortiz, Artemisio Romero y Carver, Windsong Tapia, Diego Ulibarri

This series of artworks are part of the City of Santa Fe’s Arts and Culture Department’s Culture Connects CARES artist activations to promote COVID-safe practices in our community.


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