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Kaitlin Bryson

Radiotrophic fungi (the black and purple circular spots) are capable of metabolizing ionized radiation in a process akin to photosynthesis. Through this process, they can form a shield protecting against radiation. These fungi have been found not only growing, but thriving, in areas containing high levels of radiation - specifically at the number four reactor in Chernobyl, one of the most radioactive places on Earth. 



The images of fungi are part of an ongoing work titled Radiotrophic  Fungarium or How to Make A Coat for Marie Curie, by Kaitlin Bryson and Slovenian artist Saša Spačal. The Radiotrophic Fungarium is an art-based research project interested in designing applications against the dangers of radiation with radiotrophic fungi. As the climate changes, and nuclear threat is imminent, the artists believe it is essential to work with multi-species for survival. By developing symbiotic, interspecies relationships they imagine radiotrophic fungi growing into shields, shelters, and clothing to protect human and more-than-human lives.



Learn more about Bryson’s work at


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Artists Against the Bomb is a series of artworks and posters made by a cohort of international artists united against nuclear weapons. In addition to the billboard above, nine more of the works are displayed as part of SITE Santa Fe’s Billboard Project and shown in tandem with Pedro Reyes' DIRECT ACTION, a solo exhibition on view at SITE Santa Fe through May 8, 2023.


Recruited by Reyes, each artist was asked to contribute artwork and nominate another artist to participate. This way, all participants become co-curators of the project. Local ecological/bio artist Kaitlin Bryson was selected to expand this project by contributing her fascinating work and research involving radiotrophic fungi. 


Artists Against the Bomb is supported by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and Estudio Reyes. Contributing artists include Monica Bonvicini, Kaitlin Bryson, The Center for Tactical Magic, Monica de la Torre, Yakari Kato Tsubasa, Harrell Fletcher, Tomás Saraceno, Santiago Sierra, Sean Dower, Enrique Ježik, Abi Tariq, and Honi Ryan. See the AATB website and download posters here:


Gratitude to SITE Santa Fe, curator Brandee Caoba, and Pedro Reyes for their work and support which has made this installation possible. 

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