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I have had a recurring dream since I was ten years old.  I awake from it both frightened and fascinated.  It is not abstract in imagery, but it is also nothing I recognize from my waking life.


I have described it over the years with words:  Cells moving through constricted vessels; bubbles being forced at high pressure through small joints in tubing; solids caught in moving streams of liquid.  No description evokes the power or sense of the dream.  I have not experienced the dream for several years now, but remember it still vividly. 


The Recurring Dream series of drawings are based on the imagery and spirit of this dream.  Through these explorations in ink on paper, I am working to understand the meaning and energy held therein.


These drawings are made with India Ink on Arches coldpress 140 lb. Paper.  All are 22” x 30”

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