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Wool Pole is part of Matthew Chase-Daniel's ongoing series of site-specific Pole Sculptures, placed in environments around the world. Each work in the series is made from locally collected materials which are part of the region's culture and ecology. Wool Pole uses Churro sheep wool in the four traditional colors, collected from local Navajo herds.


Working with local master dyer and tool-maker Mark Deschinny and others, Chase-Daniel has, spun and felted the wool and hung it from a tall wooden pole, as an act of reverence and honoring. Over time, the sculpture, installed outside the Navajo Museum in Window Rock, will be affected by the elements: Rain, wind, sun, ice, heat, and cold. The balls and strands of wool will break down in a natural process of decomposition, and redistribute their bounty to the surrounding landscape.  The sculpture speaks of living cycles of plants and animals, of the relationship of the earth to the sun, of birth, death, and regeneration, of the cyclical aspect of nature, and of our human relationship to these cycles.


Many, many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project, especially all the spinners and felters in Window Rock, Hard Rock, Ft. Defiance, and Santa Fe.  I didn’t get everybody’s name, but many are listed here:


Edith Simonson

Lorraine Herder

Mark Deschinny

Eunice Khan

Genevieve Hardy

4th & 5th grade students from Hunter’s Point School


Elijah Yazzie


Trish Arviso

Francess Benally

Alice Curtis

EiRena Begay

Bahe Whitethorn

Students from St. Buenaventure elementary in Thoreau

Students from Nazlini

Carmecita Navaho

Donna Jones

Cheryl Joe

Marilyn Dempsey

5th grade students at Tsehootsooi Dine’Bi’Olta

    Shawndee Begay

    Martin Byjoe

    David Charles

    Cori Chavez

    Jenna Crowe

    Kiyannabah Harvey

    Albertt Haskie,

    Tyrease James

    Tieron Johnson

    Lacey Neswood

    Aleshia Pete

    Tyler Showie

    Ko’naa Tallman

    Kaitlyn Toledo

    Burke Williams

    Natanii Yazzie

    Talis Yazzie

    Renee Young

Students at Tsehootsooi Middle School

Nina Tsosie from Tohatchi

Winter Rose

Abra Patkotak

Therese Lynston

Sarah Hewitt

Edie Tsong

Che Tsong

Crystal Worl

Michelle McGeough

Ryan Rice

Jerry Wellman

Paul Baglione

Kathleen McCloud

Kathryn Davis

Kristen Lora

Kyce Bello

Donna Ruff

Mary Kite

Amy Kawadler

Sherrie Brody

Learn more about TIME 2012 on the Navajo Nation here.


Watch Dylan Mclaughlin’s video about this and other T.I.M.E. 2012 projects here.

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